A Fun New Way to Get FIT!


"It's a kick!: Kimatek SkiMotion, a smooth, fun and fast all-body workout for kids and adults. You could easily ride an hour on this...  the SkiMotion moves forward when you lean your weight and kick side to side, in a skating motion. But its four-pivot hub and swiveling caster wheels also let you propel yourself forward by moving both legs in and out in a scissor kick, as if you're standing on a ThighMaster. It has dual brake levers and folds up for easy carrying.. "


"179.44 miles logged in 2 months. Overall I am very happy with the combination of low impact cardio that I get on my SkiMotion. I get many questions on what "it" is. Along with propper diet/nutrition I am almost at my weight loss goal. I had reached a point, prior to SkiMotion, where I was unable to drop the remaining pounds that I am now losing. " - Angela


"Love at First Sight: ..I instantly fell in love with this three-wheeled funster that is equal parts in-line skate, bike, and scooter...When I took it for a test ride, it took me a few pumps of my legs to learn the motion, and then got a great cardio workout, as well as toning for glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs.. I’m betting this product will bring excitement for families looking for new ways to cruise beach boardwalks and parks all summer long, while getting in some training for the ski season..."
- Backpacker.com