What Is SkiMotion?

The SkiMotion is a New and Innovative concept 3-Wheel Sports Vehicle. Our Fitness Innovation Team has been serving worldwide renowned fitness equipment organizations over 10 years specializing in designing and manufacturing Innovative Health/Fitness solutions across for all age groups. The SkiMotion is our newest offering which brings the results in variations of whole body exercises. It is just so much fun to ride on it!  The unique patented 4 point-pivot hub mechanism and the ergonomic design allow the user to ride the SkiMotion in various modes of motions. These include the Inline-Skating and Scissor-Kick style for those narrow pathway rides while the Ski-like Slaloming and Cambering moves for wider open areas. The SkiMotion utilizes the leg/hip/arm muscles well as the core muscles to get moving in a smooth easy motion, providing an effective whole-body exercise while having a great fun at the same time! Additionally, riding SkiMotion helps the user to train physical abilities such as sense of balance and stronger joints.

Whether it is the wooded pathway in your neighborhood park, or one of the many rails-to-trails projects or greenways across the country, the SkiMotion is a perfect way to enjoy them. 

The SkiMotion has the rider's  Height / Weight Range Recommended at 4 ft and taller and up to 200 lb for normal wheel life expectancy (Max Tested Zero-Speed Rider Weight @ 600lb), max recommended speed of 17 mph, and it is convenient to take along for quick after-work rides, or day rides on the trails with the family. It comes with the 1-Year Warranty and measures approximately 36"H x 40"L x 30"W and 27 lb. The SkiMotion is built to last, and every unit is identified with a unique manufacturing quality tracking-code to ensure the workmanship down to each component level.


Key Features

  • Quick 3-pc assembly
  • Steel frame, three wheeled construction.
  • Large 200mm front wheel for a smooth and stable ride
  • Large footplates support the whole foot when riding for extra safety and comfort
  • Swiveling rear wheels allow for independent movement of each leg
  • Independent cable-actuated cantilever brakes on each wheel
  • Adjustable handlebar mounted brake levers
  • Unique four-point pivot hub
  • US and European Safety Testing Certified for Ages 8 + Up
IMG_3081 - Copy.JPG

The SkiMotion's three-wheeled configuration allows you to ride in a balanced way the very first time you get on, with both sides of your body equally engaged.  The rear-wheels swivel with your movements, which allows you to move forward by moving your legs in and out, or kicking side-to-side like skating.  In addition, you can use the front wheel in a carving motion, thanks to the four-point hub joint.  Riding moves your whole body:  legs, arms, and core in a way that bikes or others can't.  The SkiMotion folds up so that if fits easily in a car trunk or cargo area, so you can take it anywhere without a rack or mount to get to your favorite place to ride.


Where can I ride the SkiMotion?

Any smooth, paved, surface is excellent for a ride on the SkiMotion.  Many neighborhoods and parks have bike and jogging circuit trails, and communities around the country are establishing greenways or converting old rail lines that extend for miles.  


There are two models available:

  • SKM1-A:  User Height / Weight Range Recommanded : 4 ft and higher, up to 200 lb for normal wheel life expectancy (Max Tested Zero-Speed Rider Weight @ 600lb)  
  •  Available in Red and Blue