"Love my SkiMotion!! I purchased a blue ski motion scooter for myself and a red one, as a retirement gift, for my friend Paula. We are both 60 years old and love the workout we get from this scooter, without putting strain on our back, knees or feet. Today as we did our 4-mile ride, just about everyone we encountered on the bike path commented on our scooters. A father, rollerblading with his son, actually took off his skates to try out my scooter.  We, along with our husbands, will be spending part of the winter in Arizona and our scooters are going with us. There are many great paths running along the canals that will be perfect for the ride.
Thanks for making working out so much fun. Sincerely,  Marian" 
SkiMotion Team - By the way Marian, we are preparing a special SkiMotion T-shirt for you to wear as our appreciation for your pictures!

"179.44 miles logged in 2 months. Overall I am very happy with the combination of low impact cardio that I get on my Ski Motion. I get many questions on what "it" is. Along with propper diet/nutrition I am almost at my weight loss goal. I had reached a point, prior to Ski Motion, where I was unable to drop the remaining pounds that I am now loosing." - Angela
SkiMotion Team - Angela. Thank you so much for your excellent progress. You give us the reason to keep the continuous development effort going! And thank you for sharing your pictures. No worry on the wheels. By now, you should have received them already. Keep On Riding!! 

"We purchased a blue and red SkiMotion. We love them! They're easy to assemble and fun to use. I let my 6 yr nephew ride it and he picked it up super quick. You're getting a light workout while having fun."  -Anammi

"Very nice to use, good execise with little wear and tear on your knees which usually take a beating. Would recommend to others." - Lou

"I purchased the SkMotion for my 13 year old son's birthday. His friend has a fixed frame 3-wheeled scooter and we thought that the SkiMotion would be similar. The package arrived on time and assembly took aprox 20 minutes. The product is high quality and sturdy enough for a full sized adult. It only took a few minutes to learn how to ride, but it does require some effort to make it go. The SkiMotion is more of a fitness trainer than a 3-wheeled toy scooter. The wheels are larger than a toy scooter which allows a smooth ride on rough surfaces. Overall very satisfied with the product.." - Don

"I received this as a gift to myself. The packaging is wrapped up in a 2 extra layers of sturdy boxes with protective wraps all around each parts. Very nice. Pretty much preassembled. I had to connect the handles and that was about it. Talking about the first time trial. I am at 245 lbs and am on a bit slow learner side and It only took me about 5 min for me to get used to. In the beginning I had to give a kick to initially move but I was rocking on it going pretty fast without ever touching the ground. I have not yet gotten to slaloming like skimotion as the name suggests. It may take few more attempts but I got close to doing it. Very sturdy. And it came with a 12 months warranty. That is unusual for a scooter. By the way, I recommend this as a more of fitness/cruise as it will work your hips and thighs and you will feel it after a short 30 min ride. Love the sweat while the time flies. Real Easy." -Donald

"Purchased the SkiMotion as a gift for our grandson. Young and old have enjoyed testing out their skills. It's great exercise and fun! Thanks!!" - Bakerswife

"I am a professional ski instructor and am always looking for different ways to cross train. This is a blast. You can pop it easily into the car, so that when your visiting relatives in the flatlands you'll still have an easy way to vary your exercise routine. My only suggestion would be to have an adjustment for the height of the handlebars. I am shirt so it is fine for me but I would prefer to be able to self adjust the height which would reduce stress on the back and optimize proper body alignment." -Skibrush

"I got this last Christmas for my 9 yr. old grandson & he had a ball riding it. He has it out this summer & once again he is having lots of fun. My daughter is 40 & I'm 67 & we use it for exercising. Great for leg, hip & stomach. Love this!" - Butterfly

"This scooter was just the thing to get the grandkids and grandparents out on a lovely Fall day. We took turns for about two hours between bikes and the fancy new scooter. Everyone wanted to use the scooter because it was fun, great exercise, and easy to stay on. It took a few tries for the smaller kids, but it was worth it. Now all of us can ride it. The grandparents even loved it and could turn and stop and manuever so well on it. We might have to purchase more of them so we don't fight over this one." -Tuckman

"I am an endurance runner and I was looking for a way to get outside on non-running days while staying active and still getting a workout. The SkiMotion looked like just the thing, combining motions from skiing and roller blading. I've taken it out a couple times so far, and I am starting to get the hang of it. On surfaces that are less than completely smooth/flat, it takes a good bit of leg power, so I'm definitely getting the workout I was seeking! I am 5'3" and the height is perfect for me; minimal strain on my arms and back. It's very stable and I don't feel like I'm in danger of falling (unlike my experiences with roller blading as a kid). Whether this is for a child or adult, the workout is great and I'd recommend it!   Also, for someone just looking to leisurely cruise, this might not be the right product. It's exercise, and even after 10 minutes, I feel the burn." - Haleyusf